What are the Benefits of Using Freight Logistics Software?

Here are some of the benefits of making use of the freight logistics software.

More control: The other name of freight logistics software is truckload logistics software. It takes complete control of the company’s activities and ensures to deliver solutions in a quick time. The customers can choose their shipping process according to their shopping options. If the company is going to outsource the transportation task to a third party solution provider, then the shipping company will follow a customized method using the software. The logistics software adapts itself, according to the nature and type of the business. It is simple to operate and does not require any special technical knowledge. It remains useful for person, who has excellent computer skills. The logistics work on the SaaS platform, and you can view, edit or make changes whenever you wish.

Lower cost: The cost of the software is reasonable. If you are a business owner and willing to manage the logistics on own, then you can use the freight logistics software. You do not have to outsource your project, and you can manage the transportation process using the software. The logistics software helps to save your money on shipping solutions. It performs better than the third party logistics service providers. There are no hidden fees or special installation fees associated with the software. It is necessary to contact a leading software provider to design logistics software as per your business needs.

Improvement of the bottom line: It helps in improving the bottom line of the company by displaying the efficient and economical shipping options. You can also save cost by hiring a limited number of logistics professionals to manage the process. The software will take care of the basic and intricate operations. The logistics software is used by large and small companies that spend six figures amount for transportation and logistics. You can easily reduce at least ten percentages of the shipping expenses by integrating the software into your business.

A Quick Look at the Transportation Management System

Are you hearing the term transportation management system (TMS) for the first time? Well, let us discuss its meaning and uses. TMS is software, and it is used widely in the transportation and logistics business. It helps to effectively manage the supply chain of the logistics business. It helps to track and organize the progress of the materials and products. It also helps in managing inbound and outbound shipment scheduling, freight bill auditing, processing and payment of damage claims and loss, managing shipping units, etc.

Some of the important advantages and functions of transportation management system include routing guide, shipment routing optimization and shipment load planning, carrier communication and execution management, appointment scheduling, returns management, claims management, reporting and business intelligence, freight bill payment and audit, shipment tracking, etc.

One of the best features of TMS is the routing guide. It helps the customers to plan their loading and choose suitable and best routes, according to their business requirements. The shippers can save enough time and money and manage the process in an easy manner. It is not advisable for small transportation companies. They would not have much difficulty in managing the transportation system, and they would not use the software to the optimal level. If a company has numerous vehicles and perform various transportation activities, then they can definitely use the transportation management system. It will help to simplify the transportation management activities and helps in saving enough money.

The transportation management system is affordable, and it is adopted by more and more companies in the recent days.

How to Make Use of a Free of Cost Transportation Management System?

Are you searching for a free TMS (transportation management system)? Well, here sharing some best idea that will help you to make use of free software. The transportation management system is used in logistics and transportation business. It plays an important part in the present competitive scenario. When you purchase the system, you have to gather necessary software, hardware, get training and spend implementation expenses. If you want to avoid the long implementation time and expensive start up costs, then you need to look for a simple to use the system.

Hire a third party logistics company

Nowadays, most of the third party logistics companies have transportation management system to manage their business in a successful way. The software will provide necessary data that will help you to track your order, manage the orders, and monitor the transportation costs. The third party logistics service providers offer the software as part of their service. Since it is web based software, you do not have to install or download the software. The software starts to work when you connect your computer to the internet.

It is simple to use the application. You do not need to have special technical skills or advanced computer knowledge to use the application. The company will have software programmers, and they will customize the system according to your business needs. They will customize the data in such a way you can just get information by just clicking the system. The software will display the information, and the customers can see any information they wanted to check.

How TMS remains Helpful for you?

Cost visibility: Do you want to check whether the customer has altered their order pattern? Some customer will change their order all of a sudden by ordering one fourth truckload from the usual three fourth truckloads. In such a situation, you can use the software to calculate the amount and record their load amount. You can take appropriate action when they increase or decrease their truck load and ask them extra pay when they order for large quantities.

Visibility of shipments: It helps you to consolidate and coordinate shipments and save money. The software also helps to allocate the resources to the receiving and shipping departments.

Inbound visibility: The customer would have paid the amount in advance before the raw material has been transported. In such a scenario, the software will record the payments and reflect the payment in final delivery. It helps to manage the business in a transparent manner. There will be no way for fraudulent activities. The TMS take control of the entire shipping and payment process, and you can manage the software on the go.

Vendor management: You would have sent the goods or use the transportation several times without noting down the trips. Well, the TMS will record your usage and notifies the customer and transportation manager about the usage and shipping charges. If you have any bills to clear, it will automatically send you a message. You can take appropriate action as the entire process remains visible and clear. Do you want to know whether the vendor has shipped your goods on time? Just use the TMS and know the time of delivery.