Finding An Oil Tank Removal Services

Want to remove oil tank from your premises? It could be a tedious process and is best handed over to experts. The unprofessional removal process may affect your property. Despite the cost it is safe to hand over the process to experts. The removal process is done step by step. The tank is first identified in case the owner is not familiar with the underground tank location. Once this is done, the equipment needed to complete the job is listed. For an underground oil tank, a backhoe may be required to remove the tank. Again this is determined by the location. If the tank is placed in a tighter location, a backhoe cannot maneuver and hand digging is opted instead. Despite the cost and time involved the removal service is left with no option.

Removing an oil tank requires a permit from the town office. There is a small fee involved, and this can vary from municipality to municipality. In some cases, inspection is conducted to ensure that there is no damage to the power, water, and sewer lines. Many homeowners are concerned about the after effects of the underground oil tank removal process. Despite the complexities, the property can be returned to its original state. A tank removal process can take a few hours. An underground removal of oil tank can take 3 to 4 hours. First the fuel in the tank has to be removed using a pump truck. The removal company takes care of this process. Once the oil is completely removed without any spillage, a backhoe is used to unearth the oil tank. If it is not accessible by machine, it has to be done manually.

Once the tank is exposed the top is cut and the tank is cleaned. After cleaning, the tank is removed. Once the tank is removed, the inspection process is initiated. The tank is examined for leaks, and the soil is tested for any contamination. In most cases, the tank removal company takes care of the inspection process, and this can be done the same day. If there is no contamination reported the hole is backfilled. Adequate backfill is required to bring the property back to its original state. The fill must be higher allowing the ground to settle after a rainfall. If you want new vegetation in the place, it is best to check with a landscaper for the right sod in the area.