How TMS remains Helpful for you?

Cost visibility: Do you want to check whether the customer has altered their order pattern? Some customer will change their order all of a sudden by ordering one fourth truckload from the usual three fourth truckloads. In such a situation, you can use the software to calculate the amount and record their load amount. You can take appropriate action when they increase or decrease their truck load and ask them extra pay when they order for large quantities.

Visibility of shipments: It helps you to consolidate and coordinate shipments and save money. The software also helps to allocate the resources to the receiving and shipping departments.

Inbound visibility: The customer would have paid the amount in advance before the raw material has been transported. In such a scenario, the software will record the payments and reflect the payment in final delivery. It helps to manage the business in a transparent manner. There will be no way for fraudulent activities. The TMS take control of the entire shipping and payment process, and you can manage the software on the go.

Vendor management: You would have sent the goods or use the transportation several times without noting down the trips. Well, the TMS will record your usage and notifies the customer and transportation manager about the usage and shipping charges. If you have any bills to clear, it will automatically send you a message. You can take appropriate action as the entire process remains visible and clear. Do you want to know whether the vendor has shipped your goods on time? Just use the TMS and know the time of delivery.